Written by Kelly Sheehy, Content Specialist, Main Library 

Each summer, polar bears retreat to the ice further north, largely in response to seal migration patterns (hey, a bear’s gotta eat). However, our beloved Beary White the polar bear won’t just be leaving us for the summer season. On June 5, Beary will return to his permanent home at the Cincinnati Museum Center

Beary first migrated to the Main Library nearly three years ago, when the Cincinnati Museum Center closed its doors to undergo extensive renovation. Beary, along with many other artifacts from the museum collection, was a part of the Curate My Community initiative. The program aimed to keep folks connected to all the wonders the museum has to offer, even if they couldn’t visit it all in one place. 

The Cincinnati Museum Center re-opened its doors in November 2018, brighter and better than ever. In honor of Beary’s return to his natural habitat, we’re encouraging community members to come down to the Popular section of the Main Library and snap a selfie. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook and tag your photos using #byebyebeary. We’ll share our favorites on all of our social channels until Beary bids us farewell. 

So bring your selfie sticks, your tissues, and your bon voyage banners to help us send off Beary White in style. And don’t forget you can still visit him any time in his den at the Cincinnati Museum Center

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