Written by Kelly Sheehy, Content Specialist, Main Library
Header image "Uncle Melvin's World" by Janice Kagermeier

When you imagine a book, the image of black and white text on bound paper pages typically comes to mind. Maybe there are illustrations or a hardcover, but in general, this is what you think books tend to look like. 

The artists of Bookworks XX turn this image on its head. Whether it’s text on star-shaped, three-dimensional pages or teeny tiny hand lettering in a story the size of a thumbtack, these works blur the line between book and art. 

"Secret Garden" by Nancy Driesbach

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Cincinnati Book Arts Society’s annual Bookworks exhibition. A nonprofit organization made up of both professional and amateur hand workers in the book arts, CBAS began in 1998 to create a sense of community among bookmakers. 

There will be two opportunities for visitors to learn more about the creative process by walking with an artist through the exhibit on the second floor of the Main Library. These artist-led tours will take place from 2-4 p.m. on Sunday, June 2 and Sunday, August 18. No registration is required for the artist walk-throughs. 

"Birds from Ohio's Backyard" by Judy DiMuzio

In addition to the Bookworks display, the Library will also show the Keith Kuhn Memorial Exhibit curated in the memory of former Library Services Director Keith Kuhn. Kuhn was responsible for growing the Library’s special collection of book artworks. Many of the works featured here are hand-made by well-known international, national, and local artists. 

Eager to see more? Bookworks XX will be on display from May 22-September 1 on the second-floor bridge at the Main Library. 

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